Brave Browser Rewards Explained

How to Earn BAT using Brave?

The Bitcoin price is once again topping almost $10,000.  Many new to market investors are already finding it prohibitively expensive to invest. However there is a free way of earning cryptocurrency using the Brave browser.

Brave browser is a cryptocurrency based web browser which allows users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), by browsing and publishing content. Here, we’ll look at how anyone can start earning Brave rewards, without a penny of upfront investment.

In 2017, the Brave browser collected $36 million in Ethereum in just  30-seconds of ICO fundraising. Available at, the Brave browser is an opensource web browser which automatically blocks ads and website tracking. However, users who chose to enable ads optionally can earn Brave rewards by doing so.

Browser is up to 3x faster than Chrome Browser.

Download the Brave Browser from this link

How to start?

To start using Brave to earn Brave rewards, new users first need to download Brave. After downloading Brave, click on the Bat ticker symbol in the top left conrer of the Brave browser window.   Brave blocks ads by default.

  • Enable ads by clicking the BAT ticker symbol in the top left of the Brave browser window
  • Click the main menu in the far top left, and select Brave rewards
  • In the Brave rewards set up screen, toggle ads to on
  • Entering the Brave browser metrics panel, users can choose a maximum number of ads which they feel comfortable viewing per hour

How it Works?

Web pages viewed in Brave will continue to be ad free even after a user enables ads.  However, users will occasionally receive popup notifications in the top left of their screen asking them to view an ad.

When users click to view ads, they are directed to the websites of ad providers. Once on ad provider websites, Brave users earn Basic Attention Tokens, which reflect the length of time they spend viewing and interacting with website content. Viewing ads, therefore, feels more like web browsing the Internet than when viewing ads in other web browsers like Chrome.

How to Earn BAT Using Brave as a Content Creator?

As well as earning Brave rewards by viewing ads, Brave browser users can also earn rewards by linking websites, YouTube, and social media accounts to Brave. When content creators do this, Internet users viewing content via the Brave browser will be given the opportunity to donate BAT from their wallet to support content creators.